What’s The Difference Between LED and LCD TV?

Television technology has grown by leaps and bounds. You might have only known television shaped like a tube and black and white images. You are familiar with the technology television CRT, LED, LCD, plasma, and others. The television also has a wide range of colors. One technology that is the most widely sold in the market is LED and LCD. There are many people who think that the television is the same technology. Both types of television have a lot of difference.


Abbreviations Differences

LED and LCD have different stands. LCD stands for Liquid Cristal Display and Led stands for Light Emitting Diode. Actually, both of these abbreviations have been explained briefly about how the works of this technology type.

Difference of How it Works

LCD and LED backlight using a technique to display images. In LCD televisions, crystal display radiation is generated by the neon lamp or CCFL (Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamps). In LED televisions, lighting is done by a Light Emitting Diode. This technique makes the power consumption of the LEDs and LCD has differences. Televisions with LED technology can save energy compared with LCD televisions. If the LCD TV uses 100 watts of power, then television with LED technology consumes power only about 50 watts. LEDs are also more durable than the LCD.

Physical Material

Colors displayed on the LCD can be seen well because there is a backlight with the white color that is used for casting the crystals in the LCD panel. Colors displayed by LED TVs do not require a backlight because the panel LED crystals can produce color. LED televisions are generally made with a screen that is thinner than LCD.

Contrast Difference

LED and LCD televisions have a distinct contrast between one another. LED televisions typically have a sharper contrast than LCD. You can see the contrast of this two television LCD and LED when placed side by side. The difference will be seen very clearly, especially when showing white or bright colors.

Price Differences

LED and LCD have different prices. LED technology has a higher price compared to LCD technology. This is due to the LED has the advantage that more than the LCD. You should consider these differences before purchasing a television. We recommend that you buy a TV with LED technology. LED TV prices are higher than with an LCD television, but the money you spend is comparable with the advantages of LED technology on the television.

That is the explanation of the LED and LCD. Hopefully, this explanation can answer about What’s The Difference Between LED and LCD TV?

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