What is difference between Lcd Vs Dlp Projector

Lcd Vs Dlp Projector pros and cons will give you objective facts about these two types of projector.  Both of these two projectors has their unique benefit over either. Therefore, if you ask which one that better, then you need to make several consideration and facts that make it better for you as fit with your requirement.

The technical comparison between Lcd Vs Dlp Projector

The LCD projector is usually content with three separate LCD glass panels that colored red, blue and green component for the signal image as fed for projector. When the lights pass into LCD panels, then the pixel elements will be opened and allow lights for passing or closing to block the lights. This procedure then modulates light and produce image that will projected into screen.

DLP projector has different work procedure with LCD. Instead have glass panels where it passed the light through, the chip in DLP is made from thousand tiny mirrors that reflect the surface. The mirror is represent from each single pixel.

Pros and cons from LCD

The benefit from LCD projector is it deliver better color saturation rather than DLP projection. LCD also deliver sharper image resolution rather than DLP given. The third benefit, it is more light efficient rather than DDLP.

In addition, the weakness from LCD projector are two main. The first lack of LCD technology is visible pixilation. This problem also called with screendoor effect as it appears as you like viewing from screendoor. The second lack is it has not so great contrast and black levels quality. Both of these aspects are important for resulting good image in video.

The Pros and Cons from DLP projector

There are several benefit from DLP projector. The main benefit is its compact package size which is relevant with the mobile practicality market demand. The other benefit, it also has deeper black level better than your LCD projector as it produces higher video contrast result. The third advantage from DLP projection rather than LCD is it has reduced pixilation.

The potential problem that most occur in DLP projector is the rainbow effect.  The rainbow effect is appears as the spinning color wheel for modulating image where it create separating colors out from the third main elements colors, the green, red and blue. The potential problem that most occur in LCD projector is long term image degradation.  The problem appears as color balance shift and contrast color result.

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