Tips on How to Prevent and Overcome Child Online Game Addiction

Nowadays almost all children play video games.This game can be played on the computer online, game console or mobile phone. Although many parents would be very happy if online games are limited only to educational programs, but the reality is that children play online games primarily for pure entertainment, not for education.

Keep in mind that if children play online games are not excessive, research shows that few (if any) disadvantages of playing online games. However, there are some children who play online games excessively, refuse to do anything else and that makes online games become The number one priority in their lives. Children can be addicted to online games and parents should indeed feel worried about this issue. What are the signs of an online game addicted boy?

Characteristics of Children Online Game Addiction

Here are some of the symptoms or traits of an online game addict and video game addiction, to help determine if your child is addicted to video games.

1. Most of their “free time” is spent on computers or playing video games.

2. Tiredness, the tendency to fall asleep at school.

3. Do not do homework on time.

4. The value worsens

5.Choose a computer or play video games instead of spending time with friends or family.

6. Disconnect from various social activities

7. Easily angry, fussy or anxious when not playing video games or online games.

Tips to Prevent Children Online Game Addiction

1. Playing online games should be allowed only after the child finishes the responsibilities. For example, parents are strongly encouraged to set rules that online gamers or video games should only be played once the child has finished his homework.

2. To prevent addiction to online games, children should be limited to playing online games for no more than an hour or two per day – especially during the school year.

3. Even if children play online games for a few hours can provide valuable time for busy moms and dads, parents need to make sure that online gaming is not their child’s main activity.

4.Access for online gaming should be viewed as a privilege obtained by a child, not an automatic right.

Tips on How To Overcome Online Game Addiction Children

1.Expose the Child to Other Activity

We can ask our children to join in a positive activity that does not involve things online.

2. Family Excursion

Take them to go to the beach or out of town where they will enjoy nature with their family and friends. By doing this, we can expose them out and at the same time keep them offline for some time.

3. Sports Activities

Other activities such as sports can help children forget about online games. Encourage children to go to the park to play basketball, soccer or baseball. This will help them cope with online game addiction.

4.Extracurricular School

Encourage our children to participate in extracurricular schools such as dancing, singing, acting art or soccer. This can serve as a distraction to their online activities. Thus it can make them more sociable and enjoy time with others physically.

5.Community Activities

Invite them to attend the mosque nearby to learn to read the Quran and to learn the prayers. This activity can not only help them physically and mentally, but also can help them spiritually which in turn can make them a better child.

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