Tips on Choosing the Right Gadget Travel Advocates Go

Lebaran is already in sight, just count the days. Surely many of us are already preparing everything things for the trip home town later.

For those of you who would run the tradition Lebaran mudik, to go more comfortable and pleasant, yuk practical tips choosing to support travel gadgets go. Understandably, the gadgets could arguably be the device that cannot be missed. And, here’s a series of gadgets here at¬†feels need to be taken to support everything needed during the journey forth, and be a friend so you don’t get bored.

1. Car charger power bank and
Charger became one of the main support during the journey home town. If You go by car travel, then the car charger is obliged to carry. Because it has plugs that can be installed on port car accessories, car charger this can be optimized as a charger for the ride.

In addition to the car charger, carrying power bank is very important. In addition to the easy to carry everywhere, certainly, powerbank serves as keeper of the electrical power that can be used in time of emergency. Even this can be combined with power bank LED light USB, to being utilized as an emergency flashlight.

2. Select portable speakers or headphones
For those of you who go with family or relatives, portable speakers perfect for you and your family who likes to listen to music together. However, if you go alone, then simply bring headphones. This tool will be useful to help you listen to music, watch movies or just play games.

3. Select the stick Narcissist (Tongsis) or the Gorilla Pod
Do you like the photos? You can choose between both of these gadgets in order to support the needs of your photos. Use tongs for a wife with family and friends. However, if you like photographing, be sure to bring the Gorilla Pod in the bag. This tool is a handy tripod replacement alternatives for stabilizing the camera when photographing with slow shutter would like.

4. supporting Smartphone application is mandatory
The Smartphone certainly became one of the gadgets is mandatory when brought forth. Well, for that you need a smartphone with a row of application that can meet all your needs, from entertainment to start supporting the needs of the household. For example, the need to pay for the electricity token from a smartphone. It can all be obtained at domestic-made smartphone a proven quality and ability, i.e. Polytron Smartphone.

Polytron Smartphone is smart phones that use the Fira OS, which has a number of features that can support your needs from toll payment systems, access to TV broadcast.

If you ball enthusiast, then you may also enjoy unlimited balls through the broadcast features Super Soccer TV which is already integrated into a number of products, the Smartphone Polytron can be obtained/is available at As a result, household and entertainment needs are met, increased comfort and travel forth will be much more fun and enjoyable.

It is a fun gadget tip on choosing and fitting made mudik. Happy holidays and a happy return!

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