Three Special Models of the latest BMW 3 series

BMW apparently bombarded the luxurious car market with a number of new models. After the release of Series 1 and Series 2 facelift, the German automaker also showed three new editions for Series 3, which will be available July 2017.

The three models are the BMW 3 Series Shadow Sport Line, Luxury Line Purity and M Sport Edition Shadow. BMW M5 2017, They came up with the concept and 3 touring sedan. Many touches that could be described as characteristic of BMW are popular.

Starting from the Edition Sport Line Shadow look more fierce with black accents in the headlights and rear assemblies. Logo typical BMW ” kidney grille ” by finishing in black, while the exhaust pipes whitewash black chrome. The black theme continues with 18-inch alloy rims.

Inside, this model consumers will receive upholstery stitching and a contrasting panel, and steering wheel sports models, including carbon-black aluminum accents and chrome pearl.

Moving on to another model, the BMW Luxury Line Edition Purity. There are aluminum accents on the side door of the wind, Area logo, exhaust vent and rear bumper.

17-inch alloy rims also receive laburan atin aluminum. The size of the standard, but if you want bigger, supplied up to 19 inches. Inside the cabin, there is a different surface finishing, sport steering wheel and contrasting color stitching.

Other new variants, M Sport Edition Shadow, offers two models, namely sedan and touring. The front and rear lights as well as existing logo black accents. The difference with the type of Shadow Sport Line, the rim using a size of 19 inches with a unique design.

This model is the most advanced, fully equipped karen M sports suspension and the M aerodynamics package. The cabin is identical to the aluminum carbon black, and a layer of skin on the steering wheel. Different accents on the roof, and then given a line at the door and munculny a Sport + driving modes.

The existence of these three models make consumer choice option. It was still not including new color options, Sunset Orange.

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