The Pergola For A True Outdoor Living

The Pergola For A True Outdoor Living

The comfort of the interior of a home is an essential aspect. However, we must not ignore the outdoor spaces! These in fact, with proper precautions, they can become a true extension of the interior space; with the right furniture, the veranda can turn into a living Order now or in a beautiful casual dining. To play a fundamental role is not only the choice of furniture, but of course also the landscape, the scenery surrounding the house.

Today we will take you to visit a house where the exterior has a fundamental role. The starting project of AB Projectos and was later developed by ANA LOBO.

A view of together

And here is a picture that gives us a first impression of the house with its outdoor seating. In the background we see the stone wall and from this part of the wooden structure of the pergola, curated by AB Projectos This element allows you to protect yourself from excessive sun, to have a comfortable oasis in the shade and have shelter from the rain.


The top floor is the perfect space to relax. Even here in profusion wood, warm colors and soft lighting. There are no doors, the atmosphere is open and airy. Next to the bed a large horizontal window that allows you to admire the view lying comfortably on the bed, what more could you want

Internal and external

From this view we can realize how this space is linked to the interior of the house. It is outdoors, but it has all the elements of a real living. The furnishings are well kept, there is a nice carpet that gives warmth and the furnishings, such as cushions, play a fundamental role. The color palette, played on a pink, red, orange and brown, is very original.

The room

The master bedroom has a bathroom conveniently close to the bed. The shower is modern, everything is designed to ensure the greatest possible comfort and to separate the room from the bathroom there is only a glass wall.

The bed

The double bed is next to the railing overlooking the living area. There are sharp divisions, the spaces are continuous inside the house.

The bathroom

Within this ancient and traditional housing, the bathroom is perhaps the most modern element. The shower is very large and the shower head is great, comfort is the idea behind this room. Very modern also geometricity the sink, very elegant!

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