Social Media Online for Business Promotion

Since the presence of social media online for promotion, business promotion is no longer done via radio, print media or television. And this is the online social media for your business promotion media.


In addition to Facebook, Twitter also became one of the online social media that is widely used as an online business media. Although initially only designed to be a variety of famous status with a maximum of 160 characters, now Twitter can be a powerful enough media to market the product. This medium is considered easy to reach by any online store customers because with smartphones (smartphones) people can easily access this microweb.

Social Media Online for Business Promotion

Some ways to maximize promotion and marketing of products through Twitter is to increase the number of followers, send tweets regularly, promote the site regularly, determine the time to post a tweet, hire buzzers to increase promotion, or with mutual promo twitter account online business.

Market Place

Well in addition to using social media as mentioned above, you can also use marketplace sites such as amazon, ebay, and others. This marketplace is very helpful to online business people to have their own store page and conduct activities promo and marketing their products. Not infrequently the business owners who already have a physical store was build their store pages in various marketplaces to expand the network and get more customers.


Website broadcast which was founded in 2005 has become the media of many people in expressing themselves through video. Youtube is one website that is currently in great demand by many people of all classes, age and gender. Therefore promoting business on Youtube is already a mandatory part of a business social media marketing plan.

The main step if you want to promote a business on Youtube is to upload videos through a personal account and select the right category for the type of business to promote, the title of the video should be interesting and contains many keywords that people use to increase the likelihood of appearing on the first page on Youtube when search results Video related keywords out.

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