Scostumista Opening Concept Stores Officine Red

Scostumista Opening Concept Stores Officine Red

If last night despite the rain you were walking around Campo de ‘Fiori, and then in Via del Pellegrino at number 79 you are getting a lot of people out to a space with high arches of red brick, music, drinks and especially clothes very exposed, very interesting, here, then you’ve come to the inauguration of the new space of Officine Red.

Officine Red is a concept store where you can find male and female clothing. Riccardo Sargeni, creative mind of Officine joins the managerial experience of Donato Oderino, and together they managed to create a project where mix design and fashion and where the attention to detail of space and above the product, give the customer the feeling of spending time in a contemporary living room, but with a charm of yesteryear Beautiful jackets in soft nappa leather for her, silk shirts printed and unstructured jackets of knee pants or skirts rolled. For men jackets flavor dandy¬† chic, t-shirts with original prints, jackets tailored perfect. But there are also glasses wood Justwood and felt hats unisex. Special mention goes to leather goods, belts with classic details inspired rock, tote bags, shoulder bags men and buckets minimal, must-have for the woman. Trainers Diadora and Low Brand, a new brand to definitely an eye. To this was added the fragrance of incense and candles Rheyms, a ‘intense olfactory experience, which is well matched to the warm and friendly atmosphere of the open-space.

I do not like the fashion of excess, but the classical forms, slips, elegant, where is the detail and impeccable craftsmanship that makes the difference. For my work as a stylist will be a good reference point, and it will be mainly for my personal shopping.

I remember his beautiful last collection designed for spring  summer 2016 precious dresses inspired the red carpet, but most of the seventy outfits who marched, shall paint well in my memory the first releases, the clothes every day, those with whom you go to work, the black jackets, white shirts, the perfect tailoring.

We will Alber Elbaz for the simple fact that it will meet shortly to guide another important a portmanteau of Bourgeois Bohemian, two adjectives that a century earlier would have done if they had united to blows, I think the poet cursed us maledirebbe in turn.Words are important, said Moretti, Bohemien is actually a term too important to indicate clothing

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