Mamavegas – Arvo

Mamavegas – Arvo

That is a formula, which is an exclamation, which is an apparent nonsense, certainly has within it many stories, in turn, the exact opposite of the articulated lightness that is breathed before. Because that seems to be enclosed in Arvo experience not universal, but it certainly readable through more than a view the Mamavegas are Roma, but their birth could also be located in the United Kingdom, Belgium, to say the ‘ Iceland. It’s not a band accustomed to provincialism, in their own way are guys who feel citizens of the world and Hymn for the Bad Things therefore implied a lot of that. Happy beginning to improve, so they say.

So it is Arvo in the intensity reaches further high levels, driven as it is by the voice of Emanuele Mancini and a sound having multiple directions there is a readable martial impulses between the rock of Blessed and Gone, which in turn continues with P -Syndrome, a potpourri of stomp, fingerpicking and southern smells, then sopirsi through the dark and underground on My Knees blues, and how Shimmers surrounds itself with an aura cheerful, pop skeleton fused with some Red Hot Chili Peppers mold 90’s, unlike Count to Four is folktronica putting a bit of R & B, and if Wonder Tortilla is a hymn in between sumptuousness 70’s (with a occhieggiamenti stranglersiani) and pressing and interdimensional ramblings of today as the Flood is the lilting ballad enriched by raids on duty in the noise, the zenith are represented by the growing fact of Moog and crossed guitars Ten Days and the carrier mellotron of January 19 statement.

A very successful evolution in the course of which the direct recording of Last Call does not sound like a warning, if anything, as a greeting and an awareness of how, with more than a goodbye, it has to do with the desire to start again and yet. Why Arvo is the emblem of a beauty in the making of which the Mamavegas are more than aware audience.

It is a universe moreover not free of the most pressing situations, such as slightly westerniana march Labbracadabra and solar What is life, the soliloquy of piano Moonlight sidereal and particularly a handful of pearls like Life is a Dream, permeated of grace, burns like burns, spirited and animated by voices, the romantic duet with Amanda Lear Never more

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