How To Replace The Old Boiler, The Advice To Choose Well

How To Replace The Old Boiler, The Advice To Choose Well

Sooner or later the time comes to replace the old boiler, so here is a brief guide that will guide you in choosing the boiler and better suits your needs. What are all the factors that we must consider when we buy the device that will heat our apartment

The boiler is the heart of the heating system of the house that, generally, after a few years begins to make some whim. The fault is often the user who does not perform the ordinary checks and audits of the case, which also would be required by law So at some point, after some hesitation, it comes for all the time of having to go to the expense for the change of the boiler. Here’s everything you need to know to make an informed and intelligent purchase, also trying to save a little something.
Energy efficiency

The efficiency of a boiler is quantified via the combustion efficiency and the greater the yield the greater the saving. According to their energy efficiency are provided for four different classes of boiler efficiency, with a classification ranging from 1 to 4 stars. Those that allow you to optimize your costs are 4-star, but obviously require a greater initial investment, but then you manage to amortize with consumption.
Boiler room sealed or open

It ‘important to know that there are two different types of boiler the so-called boiler with open chamber and the sealed chamber. In very general ideal would be to install it outside the apartment, but if you need to install it inside the house, then you have to buy a sealed chamber. Also a boiler, of any type, should never be installed in a box, in garages, in a garage or in general in all those places where a fire could occur.

How to choose the boiler

When choosing the boiler that best suits our needs we must definitely consider these factors. We must determine whether the boiler will be useful only for hot water, for heating only, or for both, but also, and above all, consider the square footage of the apartment the boilers have different power ratings and other costs, and a large apartment will obviously require a boiler with more power. As already mentioned, we already know if the appliance is installed inside or outside the apartment and then do not forget that it is important, before you make the purchase, inquire about the costs of installing the boiler, just like we do when we buy an air conditioner.

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