How To Choose The Right Nail Polish Instructions For Use

How To Choose The Right Nail Polish Instructions For Use

And ‘color time even for our hands. Find out how to choose the right nail polish that does not stoni nor with your tastes nor with your skin.

Can not leave without, enamel for many of us is now a must, a must-have accessory that makes it pleasant and graceful our hand, but on condition that the choice wisely. Not that it is necessary to take into account many features for the right choice of the enamel, but we should take into account not only the color of our flesh but also that of our nails. In short, the procedure which then leads us to choose one color over another, is not so different from that with which we carefully choose the nuances of our lipsticks.
How to choose the color

The new season’s trends dictate law also when it comes to make-up and manicure. Also this year the summer is tinged with fluorescent colors and pastels, but not enough to simply choose the color you like best, we should also cure us of making it suited to our type and skin color.

clear and pale skin complexion The recommended shades range from light pink, blue and pastel yellow, no dark colors, nothing enamels, blacks or plum-colored, but not too bright pink tips that would make even paler our skin. The medium skin and dark olive scales they do not really have major limitations, they can manage well any type of color that is pale or on.
In what occasions dye our nails

It will also be the place and the opportunity to lay down the law in terms of color, so if you do not like to change it too often glaze, perhaps keeping it intact even 5 days with a good top coat, better to opt for fairly neutral colors are ideal for both the ‘ office and leisure. A very extravagant nail art is not ideal in certain working environments, for the weekend and for special occasions, however, we can also grant us to shine color our nails, but try to match, if possible, to make the glaze -up.

Choose in relation to price

Remember that it is not necessarily the most expensive nail polish is the best one, or one that lasts longer. The spring summer 2012 offers us a wide range of alternative measure of all budgets, and no doubt all would like to buy the latest Chanel or Dior collection, but we should be content with a maximum of two or three different colors.

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