Grand Container Homes Design Idea

To build the dream house, making the property affordable is very essential. However, it doesn’t mean that you’re out of way to make it luxurious. Same thing happens to container homes design. The affordable shipping container can be made into a luxury house with the right design. It will not only be luxurious but unique in certain ways. It’s not like most houses and is very attractive. It’s a protective cubic with open plan design ready to be decorated.

More Containers for Grand Look
A single container of 40ft may not have enough space to create the grand design. So, more containers are needed. What about 4 containers for 1 single house? It definitely sounds great. 4 containers are equal to almost 10.000 cubic feet. This provides spacious open plan space to be converted into a house. It is perfect for a house with 3 bedrooms including master suite, a spacious living and dining room, a spacious kitchen and 2 bathrooms. So, it can be a suitable family container homes design. For this big house space, only less than 10.000 US$ is needed to buy the containers. What an affordable to build a house.

Preparing the design to create a grand look equals to thinking out the best style to weld all the containers into one. One level house is not very attractive. So, consider two-level house made from 4 containers. So, 2 containers are designated for the main level and 2 other containers for upper level. Be creative and try forming an unusual shape like crossing the containers. This way, the house will have more characters. It also deserves the best location like on the cliff overlooking the sea or in the middle of beautiful farming land overlooking farm. Either way, the container homes design will be grand and stunning. Maybe those ideas will appear if you often watch the container house that is on youtube. Thank You

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