Feng Shui Everything You Need to Know About Your Location

Feng Shui Everything You Need to Know About Your Location

Every morning we get up with the feeling of getting tired of when we slept If there are no symptoms that could make you think of a disease, before you contact our doctor, we may try to review our room layout according to Feng Shui rules. It is in fact the ancient Japanese discipline to organize the rooms of the house and the furnishing of furniture according to well-defined rules, to favor the physical and psychic well-being of the individual.

This is because the origin of Feng Shui is Taoist thinking, according to which the cosmos is all-in-one in which the various elements interact with one another through the flow of Chi, the energy that moves the universe https://www.solasbars.com. The Feng Shui rules serve precisely to allow this energy to flow without obstacles between the walls, leaving away the negative forces from the outside environment.

In particular, the bedroom is the environment in which Feng Shui devotes more attention because it is the room of dreams, the refreshing sleep environment, where we take refuge to restore vitality to our body and mind if the Sleep is discontinuous and light, awakening will be very difficult to face a day of work or study. Let’s go then together with the proposals of homify experts and find out all you need to know about the bed position.

We keep a certain distance from doors and windows

Be careful not to put the head or feet of the bed in front of the door or window according to Feng Shui, the openings can cause negative energy to flow from the outside and disturb the nighttime sleep. It is therefore advisable to place the bed parallel to the door of the bedroom or the glazed windows – as we see in this example – and if possible better to maintain a certain distance.

Avoid placing the mirrors in front of the bed

If we are unsure of which wall to fix the mirror, avoid choosing that in front of the bed. The Feng Shui theories – now also followed by many interior designers – believe that the mirror contributes to reflecting and amplifying the energy tensions in the room.

We head the head to the north

Very important, for a good rest, is also the orientation of the bed. The head to the north, for example, would help to give tranquility and solve any problems of insomnia.

We position the head of the bed attached to the wall

Among the Feng Shui rules, do not forget about the distance of the bed from the wall the head should be adherent to the wall and away from sources of noise, to prevent negative energy and unpleasant sounds surrounding the bed, turning into disturbances For a good I am a conciliator.

We prefer furniture without edges

Finally, one last recommendation we prefer the decorative elements of the round design and avoid the furniture with too many edges, which according to Feng Shui block the flow of energy.

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