Editor’s Choice – Best VR viewers VIGICA

Editor’s Choice – Best VR viewers VIGICA

We recommend this model to lovers of video games. This viewer has one of the best price-quality ratios ever, why not spending much of the previous models you can have free time, a functional Bluetooth joypad to be connected to the smartphone. The viewer is compatible with smartphones by display from 3.5 to 6 inches diagonally. This device is also suitable for short-sighted, as it can be used with glasses that have this type of content without compromising the experience. Good lenses that do not tire as much eyes, and ergonomic the part that is in contact with the skin, thanks to the presence of suitable sponges. We also have the presence of a magnet to control Google Cardboard, while the smartphone is attached via the suction cups which keep it firmly in place. As regards the joypad instead, excellent ergonomic shape and the keys that correspond more or less to those of a joystick for PlayStation, with so much of analog. We recommend this viewer for virtual reality in a special way

Best VR viewers iHartbort

With this viewer, despite the price just slightly increases compared to the models above, we move to a higher range. It supports the display by the diagonal of 4 inches and up to a maximum of 6 inches. The design of this model is very compact http://www.jakartacopy.com, light and thin, and this does not weigh at all on the head. Adding to the soft sponge covered with vinyl we get a great ergonomics. The bands are very wide, durable and comfortable for your head do not help to bring to bear the device. On this model we then also of the knobs in order to adjust the interpupillary distance, which is very important to adapt it to the maximum in all kinds of eyes.

Best VR viewers AFUNTA

We have the design top with this viewer VR. Aesthetically, it looks very futuristic, and in addition is compact and lightweight to use it-Long. It supports the display by the diagonal of 4.7 inches up to a maximum of 5.7 inches. Here too there is a knob to adjust the useful side eye distance. And there is a double sponge on the back to give maximum comfort when worn. The lenses are very large and give a great feeling in the panoramic and 3D vision. This viewer for virtual reality also has a special motion control technology to browse the videos within the app dedicated (and more) just by moving your head, without any need to remove your smartphone from the viewer. With this purchase you will also enjoy the one-year warranty in case you had any problem.

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