Development Of Photographs What Affects The Process

Development Of Photographs What Affects The Process

The development of photographs from a negative, as we have seen, is a far from simple process and has a long series of variables that can, in some way, affect its success. In this article which formally closes the special development of analog film, I’ll try to summarize the main issues that may in some way affect or change the final photograph.

Objective. The better the quality of the lens, the better the picture. Apart from the defects that can be introduced by an objective not egregious (perspective distortion, barrel effect, for one thing), greatly affect the quality of the lenses, their number, the brightness of the lens. A fixed lens is preferable to zoom in as it is less complex and generally brighter. For more information on this, I refer you to the articles on the objectives of the photography course.

The camera. Reflex is good but not necessarily better. Make sure that the camera is always in order, that there are no light leaks in the compartment rollers (you not perceive because of streaks present on the photos in development) and that it is perfectly clean, as clean must be the lens lens mount.

The film. The films differ in grain silver nitrate emulsion and this varies according to the ISO (or ASA), or the sensitivity thereof. Greater sensitivity means a higher grain and consequently of blacks not too blacks and whites not too white (loses in contrast).

Exposure. Shutter speeds are particularly dangerous with analog photography as we realize the problems only in the darkroom. Long time may overexpose the photo and short times sottoesporla, with the risk of burn or photograph too many shadows. A long time can also generate the blur in the image.

Development solutions. Eye dilution. This affects the final contrast. Be careful not to use them too, especially the attachment, otherwise the deterioration of photos and negatives over time. A dilution would produce too forced (which is not bad) picture High Key.

Development time. A longer time increases the details in the shadows, but tends to make white, and then burn them, the bright areas.

Chemicals for solutions. Always buy new material, brand and not expired. A material not safe level can be drastically all the parameters of the picture, the development time to grayscale / color to contrast. Eye when changing brand or version: make sure to read the instructions to avoid damage.

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