Coconut Oil is More Risky for The Heart than Butter?

A new study says that the coconut oil worse for your heart than butter and beef.

According to The Dietary Fats and Cardiovascular Disease Advisory, coconut oil contains 82 percent saturated fat, while butter just 63 percent.

According to the report coconut oil also cause increased cholesterol higher than beef containing about 50 percent saturated fat, or oil containing saturated fat pig about 39 percent.

Based on the report of the USA Today, during this consider coconut oil more healthy because the claim that vegetable oil is always better than animal products.

American Heart Association adds, “we recommend not using coconut oil (when ripe).”

On the other hand, in previous research, coconut oil referred to as a healthier oil. Dr. Joseph Mercola, who researched the coconut oil Virgin oil is very healthy mention because it contains lauric acid which is also found in human breast milk and serves to prevent a wide range of infections.

Then why are there some research results are considered coconut oil dangerous?

Thomas Brenna, Professor of nutritional sciences at Cornell University estimate that a negative against research coconut oil using the example of the oil that has undergone hydrogenation.

“The results are certainly different from the coconut oil Virgin is processed naturally, “says Dr Brenna.

He also mentions the existence of the research on the many Polynesian societies consume coconut oil thus has a heart condition.

Similar things expressed Walter Willet, M.D., Chair of the Nutrition Department of the Harvard School of Public Health. According to him, most of the research coconut oil focus on the effect on cholesterol in the body. “Even though the overall health effects cannot be predicted only with HDL and LDL changes.”

However, the above research, led by Frank Sacks, recommends that people improve heart health by using a little saturated fat.

That is, because coconut oil contain saturated fat in a high percentage, then its use is recommended in the amounts to taste only.

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