Create a domain as you wish, it is possible now

Almost all websites ending with ‘. com’ or ‘.’ when someone searches for the main page. and from the main page, we must look again to the goals that we need or want. Rightfully so, because we just used to the way it is. But soon, we’ll see the ease with which the latest by using addresses that match what you are looking for.

Internet address system has been updated with this. This is the stage of metamorphosis is better for the world of internet addresses that since the twenty-five years ago using only common address like ‘. com’, ‘.’, or ‘. org’. it lasted since 1984. Change is needed here, dude.

“This is the beginning of a new phase for the Internet,” said Peter Dengate Thrush, chairman of Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, a California non-profit organization responsible for Internet addresses. It also predicted will last until hundreds, even thousands of years into the future.

The new address will be expensive – $ 185,000 to implement and $ 25,000 per year to maintain one. A private address with common suffixes such as “com.” Usually cost less than $ 10 per year. If it sounds expensive, it’s because of the expansion, which lasts about 350 pages, it took six years to develop.

The other business is, ICANN said the cost of tens of millions of dollars to write guidelines for the suffix, the application review and resolve any disputes. Even with a hefty fee, the organization says it plans just to break even. It also set aside up to $ 2 million to subsidize the application of the developing countries.

ICANN is already seeking the best for the world’s internet address system. But progress was slow because of fears that the new may violate trademark, to be obscene or provide a platform for hate groups. Wrestled with the competing interests of the ICANN guidelines. So that the complex will be greater possibility.

This seems to be an exciting new breakthrough and groundbreaking. Because some of the leading gadget company has decided to be in this new system. Such as: Canon Inc., camera and printer company, is planning to file a “canon ..” And Apple can go after not only the “apple.” But also. “Laptop” and “. Iphone.”

High-profile entertainment companies, consumer-goods and financial services will probably be among the first to propose new suffixes in order to protect their brands. But certainly make it easier for consumers to find what they want. If you want to find ipad from Apple, then you can simply type ‘apple.ipad’ on your web site address, and, puff! Within seconds, you’ve found it!

3 Top Social Media Popular Websites Facts

Here are the latest facts that have been found from about 10 social media popular website that need to be known and considered by entrepreneurs, business owners and marketers.


Snapchat was launched in September 2011 after Evan Spiegel presented it as a class project at Stanford University while studying product design. The starting title for the job is “Picaboo” and is based on the concept of using images that are short-term.

3 Top Social Media Popular Websites Facts

  • There are more than 100 million daily active users.
  • Snapchat users watch over 6 billion videos daily (remember videos are only 10 seconds in length)
  • 8796 Photo shared every second
  • 30% media planner, agency and brand have plans to use Snapchat in their campaigns
  • 65% of Snapchat users upload photos daily
  • 76% of millennials use Snapchat


Maybe you are alien to one platform on this one. It’s been 6 years since Flipboard was launched and is not taken seriously by digital marketers and content. But it turns out this platform can bring traffic compared to Facebook to a site.

  • Flipboard has about 90 million users
  • Flipboard gets doubled monthly users 40 million to 80 million in less than a year
  • JP Morgan twist raised $ 50 million in the year 2014.
  • Total Flipboard fund was $ 210.5 million with value between $ 800 million and $ 1.32 milyar
  • Users who are interested in using Flipboard comes from the field of technology, news, and desain


WhatsApp stems from a simple idea, their mission? “Ensuring everyone to stay in touch with family and friends wherever they are, without charge or fraud.” This is where the art of maintaining the simplicity and minimalism, and WhatsApp managed to do with good from source Social Media Guide.

  • WhatsApp started operations in 2009
  • Facebook buy WhatsApp for $ 19 milyar
  • Users already more than 1 billion people
  • 1 million new users joining every day.
  • There are 42 billion messages sent every 24 jam32% of the millennial use WhatsApp
  • 1,6 billion photos shared every day
  • 250 million video message Sent in a day
  • There are more than 1 billion groups in WhatsApp
  • 57 engineers employed by the company

Social Media Online for Business Promotion

Since the presence of social media online for promotion, business promotion is no longer done via radio, print media or television. And this is the online social media for your business promotion media.


In addition to Facebook, Twitter also became one of the online social media that is widely used as an online business media. Although initially only designed to be a variety of famous status with a maximum of 160 characters, now Twitter can be a powerful enough media to market the product. This medium is considered easy to reach by any online store customers because with smartphones (smartphones) people can easily access this microweb.

Social Media Online for Business Promotion

Some ways to maximize promotion and marketing of products through Twitter is to increase the number of followers, send tweets regularly, promote the site regularly, determine the time to post a tweet, hire buzzers to increase promotion, or with mutual promo twitter account online business.

Market Place

Well in addition to using social media as mentioned above, you can also use marketplace sites such as amazon, ebay, and others. This marketplace is very helpful to online business people to have their own store page and conduct activities promo and marketing their products. Not infrequently the business owners who already have a physical store was build their store pages in various marketplaces to expand the network and get more customers.


Website broadcast which was founded in 2005 has become the media of many people in expressing themselves through video. Youtube is one website that is currently in great demand by many people of all classes, age and gender. Therefore promoting business on Youtube is already a mandatory part of a business social media marketing plan.

The main step if you want to promote a business on Youtube is to upload videos through a personal account and select the right category for the type of business to promote, the title of the video should be interesting and contains many keywords that people use to increase the likelihood of appearing on the first page on Youtube when search results Video related keywords out.