Tips to Pack Hitch Mounted Cargo Carrier on MPV

cargo carrier boxOne possible reason for you to install hitch mounted cargo carrier on your MPV is the number of family members you have. More people deserve more space to stack their belongings. However, the additional carrier might be not yet enough! Avoid any cramped space and damage to your luggage with these tricks.

  1. Group The Luggage

You will bring a lot of things and it is better to group them into heavy, fragile and sturdy group. Each group will have its own place in the cargo carrier. In addition, there should be certain order to keep the items safe.

  1. Take Bags

Good thing about box is its neat look, but the bad thing is consuming certain fixed amount of space. To be able to fill all the empty space, it is wiser to choose bag. You can press and push it to the corner of your carrier and maximizing the space.

  1. Gather The Tiny Items

If you happen to bring small items on your trip, then gather them in a box. This rule also applies for the fragile belongings. Box is far sturdier than bag and will give extra protection. If possible, divide them into small boxes instead of one big box.

  1. Arrange The Items

At last, it is time to pack the luggage to the carrier. Put the heaviest item on the bottom, as close as possible to the car. If you put it on the furthest end, it will reduce the maximum capacity. Then, you could proceed with the fragile item and the sturdy one. It will be better if the fragile box is covered with bags of blanket or clothes to reduce bumping.

Holiday season is here! Pack your luggage and get ready to load them to the carrier. Start the packing by grouping the luggage. Put the heaviest one first and the most fragile in the middle. You might also need to use bags instead of boxes so the luggage could fit into the hitch mounted cargo carrier. Enjoy the packing!

How You Put the Right Hand Position While Driving Your Cars for Your Own Safety

Safety would always be the utmost concern with whatever vehicle you drive with. When it comes to a car for example, you will have to learn how the right hand position while driving it is. Wrong position can always lead to injuries during an accident, whether it is minor or major one. If you want to avoid such thing, let’s get to know the right position you have to put your hands on steering wheel.

The Right Steering Wheel Hand Position to Make

right hand position while driving

Right hand position while driving is none other than one at 9 and 3 o’clock. Along with making no maneuvers during turning, you can safely steer the car, The Advantage of Best Affordable Car.

There are actually two thoughts of hand position for driving car. They use clock direction to refer the position with. Traditionally, it is widely known that we have to position our hands at 10 and 2 o’clock on the steering wheel. While it might have been safe position at first, it becomes no more since the coming of air bags inside the cabin. Why can it be so then?

It is because when the air bags deployed, this traditional right hand position while driving will make your arms get flung into the A-pillars or even the rearview mirrors. Because of that, you might have to suffer from wrist and arm factures. Do you think you want to experience such thing? Since it this hand position for car driving is not safe anymore, there is a change to it.

Today, many have suggested car drivers to position their hands at 9 and 3 o’clock. With hands positioned like this, there is no more fear about hurting your arms. Also, remember to not make any hand over hand maneuvers during turning even if you have made the right hand position while driving. You can get your arms seriously injured with them being in front of the deploying airbag.