Best Wahl Beard Trimmer Review

Wahl Beard Trimmer Review. Having beard is become a trend these days, and this actually can increase man’s appearance. Especially when the beard suitable for man who own that beard. When you decide to growth your beard, you need a step to make it looks good. Also you need a treatment to produce the best growth beard ever.

For whom with long beard already, it is necessary to trim some to make it looks tidy a bit. While trimming, absolutely you need a trimmer to help you out. As you know, best trimmer will work out very good and the result is undoubt.

These days, there’s a lot of trimmer has offered on the market. Perhaps it will make you a bit confuse, especially when this is as official for you to trim the beard. No need to feel doubt, Wahl Beard Trimmer Review down below will make it easy. Hope this brief Wahl Beard Trimmer Review useful for all of you.

Lithium Ion All In One Grooming Kit 9854-600 – by Wahl

Lithium Ion All In One Grooming Kit 9854-600 – by Wahl

We feel happy to announced you this Lithium Ion All in One Grooming Kit 9854-600 by Wahl. According to most research on Google, this brand got rank number 2 as the best trimmer for man. For some man, it is quite easy to trim their beard especially in unreachable area. But worry free, lithium all in one trimmer by Wahl will make your work lightly. If you either newbie or prowho need a trimmer that ultimately give power to trim all beard, this trimmer do their job very well.

As it noticed, lithium all in one trimmer by Wahl became our top trimmer. We profoundlyrecommend you to make a purchase on this trimmer since it has a great job. When turn it on, you don’t need such a big electricity or power to make it works. Even when you are outside your house or somewhere else, still you can trim your beard and form it like you want.

What about the battery life? You guys calm down, it will last for an hour after 3 hours full of charge. The great and outstanding battery life will not disappoint you even a drops. New lithium ion 2.0 battery technology byWahl succeed filled what consumer really needs.

How this trimmer works? Really simple! You need to turn on the black button and start trim your beard easily. Feel the easy movements and get the best result as possible. Gauzy  hair even in unreachable area will not a big deal anymore. Move it one to another side as you want, and rid of all hair around your face, chin, even neck. Using this trimmer in your daily life will absolutely pampering you.

If your beard kind of gauzy or bearish, you still able to get the best result. Wahl Beard Trimmer also hand you three combs that you can used to form that beard. The best trimmer blade also available to complete what you need. Get an absolute beard after trimming will not press your energy anymore as long as you bring and have this Wahl trimmer next to you.

Product specs:

  • It came up with lithium-ion battery that last an hour after 3 hours full of charge
  • Quicker charging
  • When the battery run out, take the charge and put it to the nearest electricity. Aye! The battery will recharge and you can using it again
  • Three combs, a trimmer blade, a precision T-blade, and dual shaver blade


  • It is came up in quicker charging. And not all trimmer brand offered sort of this feature
  • Battery last an hour after 3 hours of charging. This is also good, because some trimmer takes time much longer to get full of battery life
  • Designed elegantly woth mixing black and white colours
  • Available in three combs will allow all user change the comb decent to their beard types
  • It is lightweight for about 0.2 ounces only will make all user can trim their beard easily. Moving one to another side also easy
  • Made of USA
  • Free shipping is available but for people living in USA only
  • Precision result


  • Available in USA only, not for people overseas. This is a bit disappointing, since its just offered in USA and some areas around

By its features, maybe most of you agreed if this trimmer have a high price tag. But it’s not true, this trimmer literally cheap and you all can make a purchase if you craving to get this lithium trimmer by Wahl. Spend only $34.99 after 5% of discounts and you can grab the trimmer faster. This brand also get free shipping from Amazon, so it will not charge you more. 2,940 customers has given their reviews on this Wahl beard trimmer review. From total reviews, lithium all in one trimmer by Wahl succeed got 3.7 stars out of 5 stars.

That’s all about Wahl beard trimmer review. Hope you enjoy this review, also help you out to find the best trimmer that suitable for you.

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