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Who does not know an avocado? Fruit that almost everyone likes it turns out to have many benefits. Benefits of avocado itself in addition to health is also very beneficial for beauty treatments. Avocado has a relatively high nutrient content containing 14 minerals and 11 vitamins that are beneficial to the body.


Benefits of Juices and leaves Avocados

Not only the content of his are high enough, avocado also has a high fat content and of course very good for the body. So, cheer up for those of you who liked the avocado juice because you will get various benefits of avocado juice is good for the body and also the skin.

Avocado with scientific name Americana this Unity turns out to have benefits that are also found in the leaves and seeds. Before we discuss the wide range of benefits of avocado fruit, it’s good we discuss the benefits of avocado leaves in advance to you.

– Treating abdominal pain

You can use avocado leaves to treat colic. The way to take 6 grams of turmeric, 5-7 leaves of avocado, 6 grams of leaves gotu kola, and 5 grams of root Intersection rabbits. The trick, mix and boil all the ingredients on top with 125 ml of water and bring to a boil. Once boiling, turn off the stove and let cool herb that has been boiled earlier. To treat upset stomach, drink the cooking water a day to 1 cup.

– Treating back pain

How to cure lumbago with avocado leaf that is by taking 5-6 pieces of avocado leaves and then boiled with 2 cups of water and boil until the remaining half. After that, leave the cooking water last for 1 night, then drink the next day.

– Treating high blood pressure

How to treat high blood pressure by taking 3-4 pieces of avocado leaves, wash thoroughly and pour into a glass of hot water. Then cool and drink water before each day of avocado leaves 1 cup.

Avocado Seed Benefits

In addition to leaves, avocado also has the benefit contained in the seeds. The benefits of the avocado seed, among others:

– Treating diabetes mellitus (DM)

To treat diabetes, the way is take 1 piece of avocado seed and wash and bake until browned avocado seed. After that, cut into small pieces of avocado seeds that have changed color and boil until cooked. Drinking boiled water was once a day every day.

– Treating heartburn

For those of you who often suffer from ulcer disease can use this method. Getting treatment with avocado seed is grab an avocado seed and scar until smooth and then mixed with 100 ml of lukewarm water. Once mixed, filtered to separate water and waste. Drinking water regularly.

Meanwhile, the efficacy of avocado leaves if we consume every day, it will have several advantages for the health and beauty of the body, among others:

– Healthy skin and hair

– As an anti-inflammatory or anti-inflammatory

– Prevent cancer

– Controlling blood sugar

– Lowering blood pressure

– Lowers cholesterol

– Treating puffy eyes

– Smooth the skin

Yes, that is a wide range of benefits of the avocado along with the properties of leaves and seeds that we must know. So, for those who like avocado will get a wide range of positive effects on health and beauty of your body!

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