A House In L Incredibly Welcoming

A House In L Incredibly Welcoming

A country house, with a beautiful garden around it sounds like a dream, is not it Well, a lot of people out there have built their dream through the new construction of housing outside the city.

Today we’re going to see a modern prefabricated house designed by industry professionals who have been able to combine function with aesthetics, without excluding the surrounding landscape. The country house and then reinvents itself without losing its charm! Let’s checkā€¦

A perfect construction


When we think of houses in the countryside they always come to mind old stone buildings. In this case, however, we have tried to change style. The house is nice and open, ideal for a family that wants to move away from the urban context. The white walls and the use of wood also make it aesthetically beautiful.

Another level

The house is on an L shape, and on 2 floors. As we see from the interior, wood is the main material of important architectural elements and coatings. The style is minimalist but not too much!

An open space with views

Those less interested in modern open space Within this living area there is the fusion of living room and kitchen. Do not forget the sight of which the house can enjoy through these big windows. The dining area is next to the island with a nice comfortable table with 4 chairs.


Privacy guaranteed

The house is open to the outside, but it takes little to close all windows. Even the bathroom exploits the transparency using a sliding window. Maybe a little ‘too Judge ye!


Nothing is missing

Comfort is what you can find in the typical town houses. Of course this is not a small house, but well adapted to what is the context. Everything is in the right proportions. The colors are mostly neutral and muted tones. Overall, this house is warm and comfortable, as you would expect from any house in a rural setting!


Theme details


But if the first bathroom had as its theme so dear Bud Spencer, the second could not be outdone, and if the atmosphere is dark you could only summon the fearsome Darth Vader character from the Star Wars saga. Explanation of this is a backpack affixed to the toilet with printed on the character’s profile, while for completeness of content, on the washbasin another character in the saga was settled. Beautiful detail of the fitting, a symptom of a certain refinement of materials and finishes.

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