7 Ways To Merge The Living Room And Dining Room In The Same Room

7 Ways To Merge The Living Room And Dining Room In The Same Room

the current architecture, the design of interior spaces tends to leave the open rooms to complement the various rooms of the house, in order to maximize the square footage. This way you get an open, bright and friendly. But sometimes it can be difficult to furnish and decorate properly spaces to integrate, because there must be balance and harmony between the colors, the furniture and the distribution.

In this article we present seven sensational projects that will serve as a guide to decorate in the best living room and dining in more integrated ways.

Definition of a focal point to maintain harmony

When the living room and dining room share the same space is important to define a focal point for both environments so that there is harmony and cohesion http://sahatihotel.com/hotel-pasar-minggu-jakarta-selatan. To attract the attention can be a work of art on the wall, a fireplace or TV.

The living room and dining room have to follow the same style

You can not think of a dining room with a different style from that of the living room. Even the colors chosen must resort to both rooms. It is best to use a range of neutral color and add two or three strong colors. When choosing furniture, look for the same materials and the same design lines.

do not be afraid to use color on both environments

If you can not have a well-defined style, or if you prefer to harm of having to, go ahead, but look for a common thread that takes tied both environments. Do not be afraid to use bright vivid colors,

The brick barbecue

What we see is an excellent example of built-in barbecue, perfect for lovers of the flavors and the aromas of the wood-burning oven. This solution has latri advantages, among which versatility the structure may in fact be inserted in different contexts for measurements and styles, adapting to the chosen space. Very important is that it can connect the barbecue area and the grids with a ventilation duct, so as to prevent harmful and irritating fumes.

Ideal for the terrace

The desire to enjoy a good barbecue is not incompatible with a modern, minimalist design, especially if you have an already configured space, where the barbecue is to be inserted retrospectively. As in the case we see in this image, grills and rotisserie steel can fit relatively easily, perhaps accompanied by a powerful extraction hood, in a context such as the minimalist, resolutely modern terrace we see, enriching it with a traditional and functional touch at the same time.

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