3 Anime That Could Great for Games Adaptation and Your Cosplay

When video games is starting to make boring, I love to loosen up by watching several anime, and during my watching, I am usually minted with the idea of, if these anime got a video game adaptation, should they gonna be awesome? In no certain order allow me to share what I’m thinking about four anime that could doubtless have great games adaptation. Plus, several anime cosplay site has also same opinion about these 3 anime that could great for your cosplay since they have unique and original characters.

No Game No Life

Outlaw Star

What kind of game could Outlaw Star come to be? Well for me personally probably the most obvious is a sci-fi RPG on the scale of the Mass Effect series. The Outlaw Star anime and various media in connection with the anime built a lived in universe, and of course could be not hard to transfer into a large scale RPG. In the case of story, the game could concentrate on the quest to search for the “Galactic Leyline”, with players required to explore the universe for signs, gets involved in side-quests and just explore planets you land on. The battle should be a possible combination of ground and space battle, with ground battle dealing with the form of a cover based shooter, with players to be able to use both standard weapons alongside Gene’s caster gun.

No Game No Life

Well, the obvious game adaptation based on No Game No life has to be tactic or strategy game. Whenever you get further into the game, you have to create greater strategy. To ease the difficulty, help points may be gained by properly finishing a game with no hints or retries etc. When it comes to story, it could include the characters from the both light novels and anime. The complete scheme of the game would include conquering all species and challenging the Games God to a chess as a final boss. To overcome a species you would have to defeat lower ranked people of the species first before being permitted to challenge the leader of the species, beating the leader would likely see you obtain their chest piece.

No Game No Life anime has unique characters, the hikikomori duo with super ability on playing games. You can cosplay these characters as a combi. For example, if you a guy who have little sister, or a cute girl who have big brother, maybe the cosplay will work for you.

Strike the Blood

Just like the Outlaw Star, Strike the Blood would be a great action RPG game for you. The characters have unique power to begin with, so you will have a lot of choices to choose one of them. But first, you have to complete of Kojou Akatsuki’s or Yukine Himeragi’s story line. You can also party with one of the characters along the way, for example, with Asagi Aiba. After you finish the story line, you can unlock the other characters with unique powers.

Strike the Blood could also be great for your cosplay. Let’s say you wanna be the main protagonist Kojou Akatsuki. You maybe want to perform with your girlfriend. She can be Yukine or Asagi.

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